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The History Of GOLDONI

Goldoni HistoryThe history of Goldoni is a story of action.

The company was founded in 1926 and immediately made a name for itself as a manufacturer of the most efficient irrigation pumps of that period.

The 1950's brought the first leap forward in quality. Based on the experience gained through the years, Goldoni began diversifying its production, expanding into the industry of farm machinery. The first motor-mower was marketed in 1955. One year later, in 1956, Goldoni launched the sales of its motor-cultivator. The job of tilling plowing, irrigating and mowing was immediately made easier and more productive.

During the years 1967-1969, Goldoni concentrated all its efforts on the production of motorcultivators and tractors specialized in the cultivation of vineyards, vegetables and fruit orchards. The Export series was a milestone. Even while being a true motor-cultivator, the Export was already preset to be transformed into a small 4-wheel drive tractor. The success of this model, demonstrated by over 30.000 units sold from 1961 to 1973, convinced the company to take a further step forward and to develop its own articulated tractor. The first model of the Universal series was produced in 1969. Since that date, over 50.000 units have been sold. Sturdy and easy to handle, the Universal tractors laid the foundation for the manufacturing policy which inspires the company still today.

With their reduced dimensions and 5 to 95 horsepower ratings, the Uno, Jolly and Special motorcultivators, just as the tractors of the Euro, Quasar and Star series, represent the present evoluion of a winning strategy aimed at producing machines which are both powerful and manageable, sturdy and with an attention to details, specialized and multipurpose. Today, Goldoni is a leader in its market segment. Its motor-cultivators can handle hookups to mills, plows, tillers, snow-blowers, light trailer platforms and can pull them wherever needed with the greatest safety.

Goldoni tractors are both easy to handle and versatile. They can be used on all types of terrains, regardless of how difficult and rough the job may be. Above all, Goldoni tractors are easy operators on the efficiency and productivity level. They are untiring workhorses for plowing, seeding, irrigating harvesting and transporting everything with the maximum simplicity and greatest dependability. Loyal to the traditions which have transformed a small laboratory and workshop into a multinational group, with licensed branches in many foreign countries, Goldoni continues to look to the future. Its ongoing technology unceasingly strives for perfection in existing products, while continuing research looks for new ones. However, the main goal today remains the same as eighty years ago: helping those who work to do their job better.